Masonry Cosmetics is the developer and manufacturer of a proprietary masonry staining

 process that permanently bonds with any porous masonry product including brick, block, natural and manufactured stone, as well as mortar.

The process has been independently tested and verified to have a life expectancy of over 40 years on vertical surfaces.

Masonry Cosmetics provides staining services throughout the Midwest and also offer a full line of masonry staining Do-It-Yourself kits in the United States and now internationally.

Masonry Cosmetics is owned and operated by Rick Conner and Don Foster who have a combined 60 years experience in the brick industry, from manufacturing to architectural sales.

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About Masonry Cosmetics

About Masonry Cosmetics

          Rick Conner                                                   Don Foster

"Give your fully-cured mortar the closest match to the color you want."

Made in America Staining Mortar