They are not us

Not a paint or paint like product

When coloring or tinting any porous masonry, staining is the #1 cost effective solution available. Here is why...

Environmentally Friendly and VOC Free

Test Data

Tested: Independent Laboratory tested to weather 40 plus years with no signs of failure.

Abundant-Color choices are unlimited

Successful: This process has been used in the field since 1988. Staining Masonry

Breathable:Does not seal or trap moisture

Still the best part 2

Versatile: Also works on Brick, block, natural & Manufactured stone

Still the best part 3

Natural Looking: Does not shine or look like a paint

Made in America

Still the Best

Our system is Simply the Best solution for staining and coloring mortar and other porous masonry. Click on the images below to learn:

*About jobs that have lasted 10,15, 20 and more years.

*See our test data

*Why Masonry Cosmetics differs from     the competition.