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ABOUT masonry cosmetics

Masonry Cosmetics is the developer and manufacturer of a proprietary masonry staining and renewal process that permanently bonds with any porous masonry product including brick, block, mortar, natural and manufactured stone. Masonry Cosmetics provides staining services and also offers a full line of masonry staining kits sold throughout the United States and have now gone international. 

We believe Masonry Cosmetics Inc. offers the best masonry stains on the market.  Because they are translucent and completely absorbed, our stains preserve the natural variation in tone as well as the natural texture of the pre-existing masonry.  They never produce an unnatural shine.  We can mix them to match a single shade expertly, or match or create complex patterns by applying different shades to different parts of a single brick or stone, or to different sets of bricks or stones within a single wall.

We also believe that we offer the longest lasting stains available.  Because they are absorbed, our stains simply cannot peel or crack, nor can they trap water that can damage masonry by repeatedly freezing and thawing. Our product performs magnificently in the field—as illustrated by over 400 case studies of beautifully long-lasting staining jobs.


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